Growing in Grace

Growing in Grace

Growing in Grace offers Scripture-based, age-appropriate music resources and children's choir curriculum to engage and nurture children to become creative musicians for God's glory.

Growing in Grace

Growing the love of God through music in children, the most precious gift of creation. Growing in Grace is a comprehensive, scripturally-based music curriculum engaging multiple learning styles, developed by proven music educators and children's choir experts. View the core values of Growing in Grace.

Your music year: planned.

Fall in love again with leading your children’s choir. A packaged, age-specific music curriculum designed for preschool through sixth grade. Each curriculum year includes two, multi-week units filled with engaging songs, abundant resource materials, and step-by-step instructions for guiding your children’s learning experiences.

100% singable.

Quickly becoming the preferred children’s music curriculum, Growing in Grace draws from a wealth of writers and designers committed to excellence in children’s music. Growing in Grace is field tested by choir directors in the trenches.

100% useable.

Filled with only the most fun, creative, and usable music and activities, all songs include full scores, Student Pages (lead sheets), and instrumental parts. A curriculum companion, Step by Step, is also available with an abundance of supplemental rehearsal planning guides, clip art, classroom posters, promotion certificates, and more.

Growing the love of God through song.

Music, the most natural mode of learning and expression for children, is the heart of Growing in Grace. All songs are carefully written to inspire and appeal to children, theologically and musically, with singable texts, memorable melodies, and engaging accompaniments to help children grow spiritually through music.

Purposeful. Fun-filled.

Abundant resources employing multiple learning styles, online resources, and media technology. KIDPages provide colorful, engaging fun to make every minute count; colorful visuals enhance musical and spiritual concepts; Teaching Steps offer easy-to-follow instructions; activities for learning groups of all sizes.

Questions? Ask our friendly community of teachers, leaders, and colleagues.

Growing in Grace is developed by a dynamically talented creative team and led by Terry Taylor, one of the most experienced and respected children’s music specialists in the country. And the whole team is on Facebook. Join our Facebook group today and let's talk.

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