About Celebrating Grace


Celebrating Grace, Inc. is a not-for-profit company dedicated to providing innovative and distinctive worship and church music resources. Beginning as a grassroots approach to developing and designing a hymnal, our goal was to be open to new ideas for meeting the diverse needs of churches today. A distinguished team of more than fifty pastors, worship leaders, church music scholars, and laity worked for three years to complete the Hymnal project. Celebrating Grace Hymnal, released in March 2010, is now in its 8th printing. Since the release of the Hymnal, Celebrating Grace has continued to develop creative, faith-based companion products that are receiving high marks from pastors, music directors, children’s choir leaders, and church members. In addition to the Hymnal, the Celebrating Grace Family now includes:

With the expansion of Growing in Grace into 32 states and internationally, the wide use of Worship Matrix, and the extensive catalog of Accents Signature Music, Celebrating Grace continues the mission of providing worship resources that meet the needs of today’s church and glorify God.